Topas Ecolodge – Sapa Valley – North Vietnam

The Topas Ecolodge is probably the most luxury accomodation in all North-West Vietnam: nestled 38km away in the Sapa Valley nearby from a Red Dao village, the summit resort location used to take a two-days hike to reach only a few years back. Now a dirt road makes it easier to reach with spectacular views over the Valley and the terrace rice fields. Also, the Eco concept means that all staff are from villages nearby and locally trained, and that most of the lodge is built using sustainable material

IMG_1461 (Copier)

IMG_0901 (Copier)

IMG_1014 (Copier)

IMG_1470 (Copier)

IMG_0348 (Copier)

IMG_0466 (Copier)

IMG_0358 (Copier)

IMG_0384 (Copier)

IMG_1581 (Copier)

IMG_1022 (Copier)

IMG_1613 (Copier)

IMG_0576 (Copier)

IMG_1575 (Copier)
IMG_1434 (Copier) IMG_1139 (2) (Copier) IMG_0977 (Copier) IMG_0793 (Copier) IMG_0398 (Copier)


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