A golden souvenir of the hilltribes of Tonkin – A Lanten Dao (Yao) village in Lai Chau Province – North Vietnam

Lanten Yao village, Lai Chau Province, North-Vietnam

Lanten Yao are a Sub-Branch of the Yao (mien) that wear distinctive black indigo-dyed cotton clothing with pink trim and silver jewelry. They too have migrated south from China over the past hundred years or so, bringing cultural practices and beliefs based on a mix of 14th-century Taoism and animism.  More rare than their Dao counterparts, Lanten yao villages are essentially found in North West Vietnam and North Laos.

IMG_1778 (Copier)

IMG_1900 (Copier) IMG_1951 (Copier) IMG_1838 (Copier) IMG_1821 (Copier) IMG_1783 (Copier) IMG_1825 (Copier) IMG_1780 (Copier) IMG_1781 (Copier) IMG_1142 (Copier) IMG_1141 (Copier) IMG_1139 (Copier) IMG_1107 (Copier) IMG_1139 (2) (Copier) IMG_1138 (Copier) IMG_1132 (Copier)


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