Nam Cang Riverside Lodge – Sapa Valley – North Vietnam

Nam Cang Riverside Lodge is tucked away in the most remote part of the Sapa Valley, in a rarely visited Red Dao village.  Lodge itself is by side of the Cang river and is a good base for trekking in the area with Xa Pho, Dao, Green Hmong villages nearby.

Very quiet place as this is exclusive to Topas Ecolodge guests.

IMG_0097 (Copier)

IMG_0109 (Copier)


IMG_0850 (Copier)

IMG_0574 (Copier)


IMG_0170 (Copier)

Nam-Cang-House_0001 IMG_0630 (Copier) IMG_0095 (Copier) IMG_0268 (Copier) IMG_0733 (Copier) IMG_0142 (Copier)


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