The Satri House- Luang Prabang – Laos

Excellent vibes in the former residency of the Prince of Luang Prabang. Also a member of, which never fails to impress. The atmosphere is very welcoming, and the 7 different buildings that make up the hotel are decorated with all kinds of Laos antiques and textiles. Very old-time feeling and the impression to be in a colonial family home. Each room is unique in its shape, building and decoration.

IMG_8496 (Copier)

IMG_8428 (2) (Copier)

IMG_8100 (Copier)

IMG_8365 (Copier)

IMG_8777 (Copier)

IMG_8846 (Copier)

IMG_8104 (Copier)

IMG_8523 (Copier)

IMG_8546 (Copier)

IMG_8504 (Copier) IMG_8501 (Copier)IMG_8159 (Copier)IMG_8489 (Copier)IMG_8453 (Copier)IMG_8347 (Copier)

IMG_8155 (Copier)

IMG_8344 (Copier)


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