Wat Xieng Thong – Luang Prabang – Laos

Wat Xieng Thong (or Temple of the Golden City) is located at the northern end of the Luang Prabang peninsula. One of the dozens of temples in the city, it is remarkable for its richly decorated pavilions, and the tree of life mosaic that decorates the back of the main temple.

As expected, a very quiet and beautiful place by side of the Mekhong

IMG_9237 (Copier)

IMG_9262 (Copier)

The mosaic Tree of life

IMG_9153 (Copier)

IMG_9165 (Copier)

IMG_9621 (Copier)

IMG_9170 (Copier)

Standing Buddhas and Chedis in and around the temple

IMG_9600 (Copier)

IMG_9182 (Copier)

IMG_9613 (Copier)IMG_9589 (Copier)

IMG_9516 (Copier)
IMG_9256 (Copier)IMG_9218 (Copier)


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