The Surin – Phuket – Thailand

Nested in one of Phuket finest part; Pan Sea the Surin enjoys a white-sand beach with only the Amanpuri, part of Aman resorts as a neighbor (it could be worse). The hotel has been renamed recently from “The Chedi”, and apparently The Surin is as good as The Chedi ever was: excellent service, top food and hillside villas. And the best part; the 1-km beach is private

IMG_6306 (Copier) IMG_6309 (Copier)

IMG_7235 (Copier)

IMG_6997 (Copier)

IMG_6313 (Copier)

IMG_6493 (Copier)

IMG_6388 (Copier)

IMG_6314 (Copier)IMG_6355 (Copier)

IMG_6427 (Copier)

IMG_6359 (Copier) IMG_6375 (Copier) IMG_6504 (Copier)IMG_6490 (Copier)IMG_6421 (Copier)IMG_6380 (Copier)IMG_6807 (Copier)


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