The Sala Ayutthaya – Ayutthaya – Thailand

The Sala Ayutthaya is the latest addition of the Hotel Brand Sala. This one is particularly welcome as the first & only luxury boutique hotel in the city of Ayutthaya, once former Capital of the Siam kingdom before it is sacked by the burmese in 1762, and the court moved to Bangkok. A very good sense of design with reminiscences of Ayutthaya classic architecture.

IMG_5732 (Copier)

IMG_5909 (Copier)

IMG_5140 (Copier)IMG_6027 (Copier)

IMG_5267 (Copier)

IMG_5508 (Copier)

IMG_5904 (Copier)IMG_5336 (Copier) IMG_5589 (Copier)IMG_5970 (Copier) IMG_5388 (Copier)

IMG_6142 (Copier)



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