Manee Dheva – Mae Chan – Chiang Rai Province – Northern Thailand

Manee Dheva is a superb boutique Hotel set up in the ricefields where each of the 9 individual villas has a separate walkway over to water to access. Very tastefully decorated in Northern Lanna style. The main building offers great view on Mae Chan valley, and the restaurant is also very good, not to mention excellent welcome by Francis & the staff. You can also eat and order the exquisite rice produced by the ricefields of the hotel.

IMG_4685 (Copier)

IMG_4527 (Copier)

IMG_4500 (Copier)

IMG_4660 (Copier)

IMG_4472 (Copier)

IMG_4928 (Copier)

IMG_4502 (Copier)

IMG_4629 (Copier)

IMG_4484 (Copier)

IMG_4494 (Copier)

IMG_4530 (Copier)

IMG_4911 (Copier)

IMG_4522 (Copier)

IMG_4628 (Copier)

IMG_4568 (Copier)

IMG_4702 (Copier)

IMG_4601 (Copier)

IMG_4861 (Copier) IMG_4704 (Copier) IMG_4706 (Copier)IMG_4675 (Copier) IMG_4666 (Copier) IMG_4631 (Copier) IMG_4642 (Copier)IMG_4664 (Copier)IMG_4625 (Copier)IMG_4580 (Copier)IMG_4546 (Copier)IMG_4504 (Copier)IMG_4486 (Copier)


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