Chiang Rai Temples – Chiang Rai – Thailand

Similar, but smaller than Chiang Mai, the Chiang Rai city is even quieter and holds several Lanna style temples. Chiang Rai is the northernmost large city in Thailand, right next to the golden triangle. It is a perfect base for trekking in the mountains around and visit hilltribes villages. It was established as a capital city in the reign of King Mangrai, in 1262, and is place to several traditional and contemporary artists.

IMG_5047 (Copier)

IMG_5042 (Copier)

IMG_5107 (Copier)

IMG_2293 (Copier)

IMG_5146 (Copier)

IMG_5034 (Copier)

IMG_5009 (Copier)

IMG_4157 (Copier)

IMG_5067 (Copier)

IMG_4999 (Copier)

IMG_2222 (Copier)

IMG_2327 (Copier)

IMG_2230 (Copier)

IMG_5137 (Copier) IMG_5122 (Copier) IMG_5108 (Copier)IMG_5059 (Copier)IMG_5072 (Copier)IMG_5025 (Copier) IMG_5020 (Copier) IMG_5016 (Copier) IMG_5013 (Copier) IMG_5012 (Copier)IMG_4996 (Copier) IMG_4187 (Copier)IMG_4196 (Copier) IMG_4163 (Copier) IMG_4172 (Copier) IMG_2329 (Copier) IMG_2274 (Copier)IMG_2254 (Copier) IMG_2233 (Copier)IMG_2227 (Copier)IMG_2220 (Copier) IMG_2219 (Copier) IMG_2217 (Copier) IMG_2212 (Copier)


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