Banteay Kdei Temple – Angkor – Cambodia

Banteay Kdei is a mysterious temple. There is no record of why it was built—or by whom—because no marker stone with that information has ever been found. Its name means ‘The citadel of the monks’ cells’, but that does not necessarily indicate its function. What is known is that Banteay Kdei grew by amalgamation from a small site to a large central temple with its own enclosure wall that protected a large city.

today, this is a beautiful carved small temple in the middle of the jungle, with some random local kids playing around

IMG_5639 (Copier)

IMG_5662 (Copier)

IMG_5515 (Copier)

IMG_5560 (Copier)

IMG_5591 (Copier)

IMG_5601 (Copier)

IMG_5664 (Copier)

IMG_5566 (Copier)IMG_5548 (Copier) IMG_5606 (Copier) IMG_5658 (Copier) IMG_5652 (Copier)IMG_5632 (Copier)

IMG_5493 (Copier)

IMG_5490 (Copier) IMG_5491 (Copier)IMG_5508 (Copier)IMG_5522 (Copier) IMG_5535 (Copier) IMG_5536 (Copier) IMG_5539 (Copier) IMG_5545 (Copier)IMG_6049 (Copier)IMG_5559 (Copier) IMG_5556 (Copier)


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