Preah Khan Temple – Angkor – Cambodia

Preah Khan (“Royal Sword”), built in the 12th century for KingJayavarman VII. It was the centre of a substantial organisation, with almost 100,000 officials and servants. The temple is flat in design, with a basic plan of successive rectangular galleries around a Buddhist sanctuary complicated by Hindu satellite temples and numerous later additions. Like the nearby Ta Prohm, Preah Khan has been left largely unrestored, with numerous trees and other vegetation growing among the ruins.

it features a unique two storey library.

IMG_5762 (Copier)

IMG_5859 (Copier)

IMG_5796 (Copier)

IMG_5999 (Copier) IMG_6037 (Copier)


IMG_6018 (Copier) IMG_6010 (Copier) IMG_6008 (Copier)

IMG_5798 (Copier)

IMG_5983 (Copier) IMG_5968 (Copier) IMG_5953 (Copier)

IMG_5776 (Copier)

IMG_5948 (Copier) IMG_5945 (Copier) IMG_5934 (Copier) IMG_5932 (Copier) IMG_5928 (Copier) IMG_5920 (Copier) IMG_5912 (Copier) IMG_5907 (Copier) IMG_5901 (Copier) IMG_5893 (Copier) IMG_5888 (Copier) IMG_5887 (Copier) IMG_5869 (Copier) IMG_5865 (Copier) IMG_5860 (Copier)
IMG_5833 (Copier) IMG_5831 (Copier) IMG_5825 (Copier) IMG_5821 (Copier) IMG_5817 (Copier) IMG_5812 (Copier)IMG_5788 (Copier)IMG_5756 (Copier) IMG_5750 (Copier) IMG_5696 (Copier) IMG_6049 (Copier) IMG_5560 (Copier)


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