Amansara Resort – Siem Reap – Cambodge

Set in the former summer Kings Norodom Sihanouk residence in low-rise and very 60s style , the Amansara is faithful to the spirit of Aman Resorts brand (Amanjiwo in Borobudur, Amantaka in Luang -Prabang…etc): ultra-luxury at $1000/night for the happy few. The outstanding resort and incredible service quality has to be matched with the price. Not sure anything is worth it at this level, especially considering some competitors hotel in Siem Reap achieve impressive luxury levels at a fraction of the price.

IMG_8161 (Copier)

IMG_8145 (Copier)

IMG_8251 (Copier)

IMG_8270 (Copier)

IMG_8197 (Copier)

IMG_8152 (Copier)

IMG_8238 (Copier)

IMG_8277 (Copier)

IMG_8240 (Copier)

IMG_8149 (Copier)

IMG_8154 (Copier)IMG_8144 (Copier) IMG_8143 (Copier) IMG_8140 (Copier)IMG_8118 (Copier) IMG_8105 (Copier)IMG_8095 (Copier) IMG_8285 (Copier)



The Lunch in the Central Hall

IMG_8223 (Copier)

IMG_8231 (Copier) IMG_8229 (Copier) IMG_8225 (Copier) IMG_8227 (Copier)

IMG_8257 (Copier)

IMG_8266 (Copier)


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