Hmong Hilltribe Village – Doi Pui (Chiang Mai) – Thailand

The Hmong are an Asian ethnic group from the mountainous regions of China, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. They are only one out of several hilltribes groups living in northern mountains of Indochina.  Particularly famous for their beautiful embroidery and textiles, it is easy to see the creativity and expertise of the handmade traditional dress and traditional costumes.

Doi Pui is only one of the Hmong villages around Chiang Mai, and certainly one of the most visited due to its proximity to the town. Countless other Hmong and various tribes such as Akha, Yao, Karen…etc are disseminated all through the golden triangle with various levels of authenticity, and styles.

IMG_3384 (Copier)

IMG_3419 (Copier)

IMG_3377 (Copier) IMG_3322 (Copier) IMG_3323 (Copier) IMG_3326 (Copier) IMG_3327 (Copier) IMG_3328 (Copier) IMG_3329 (Copier)IMG_3368 (Copier) IMG_3362 (Copier) IMG_3352 (Copier) IMG_3351 (Copier) IMG_3330 (Copier)
IMG_3468 (Copier)

IMG_3319 (Copier)


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