137 Pillars House – Chiang Mai – Thailand

One recent addition to the Chiang Mai high-end Hotel class. The Hotel is built around a 200 years-old traditional teak-wood Thai house with 137 pillars (hence the name) and caters some interesting features such as the huge vegetal wall overlooking the pool.

IMG_4501 (Copier)

IMG_4530 (Copier)

IMG_4401 (Copier)

IMG_4389 (Copier)

IMG_4332 (Copier)

IMG_4316 (Copier)

IMG_4522 (Copier)IMG_4513 (Copier)

IMG_4329 (Copier)

IMG_4506 (Copier)

IMG_4342 (Copier)

IMG_4416 (Copier) IMG_4432 (Copier) IMG_4442 (Copier)IMG_4466 (Copier) IMG_4485 (Copier)IMG_4406 (Copier)IMG_4362 (Copier) IMG_4325 (Copier)


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