The Veranda High Resort – Chiang Mai – Thailand – 2/3

One very impressive piece of Architecture and Design nested in the mountains of the Golden Triangle near Chiang Mai. The Veranda High Resort combines a unique design with the best service and luxury possible. Several compounds of different style including an amazing infinity pool, a Restaurant in Classical Thai Houses, and of course a world-class Spa gather across rice fields where you can see peasants harvesting. Contemporary Thai Architecture & Design at its best.

Part 2 Main Views: Pool Views, Restaurants & Rooms



IMG_6892 IMG_6798 IMG_6807 IMG_6799 IMG_6529 IMG_6375 IMG_6360  IMG_6363 IMG_6178 IMG_6112  IMG_6122 IMG_6032 IMG_6035 IMG_6028 IMG_6021  IMG_5999 IMG_6009 IMG_5974 IMG_5958 IMG_5960 IMG_5962 IMG_5968  IMG_5931 IMG_5919 IMG_5906 IMG_5909 IMG_1453 _MG_7683 _MG_7738 _MG_7766 _MG_7641 _MG_7664IMG_6894




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