Wat Chedi Luang – Chiang Mai – Thaïlande

Another venerable Stop on the temple trail, Wat Chedi Luang is built around a partially ruined Lanna-Style  Chedi dating from 1441 that was believed to be one of the highest structures in ancient Chiang Mai (damaged by a 16th-century earthquake)

IMG_4133 (Copier) IMG_4138 (Copier) IMG_4141 (Copier) IMG_4148 (Copier) IMG_4149 (Copier) IMG_4152 (Copier) IMG_4157 (Copier) IMG_4175 (Copier) IMG_4179 (Copier) IMG_4190 (Copier) IMG_4192 (Copier) IMG_4206 (Copier) IMG_4208 (Copier) IMG_4090 (Copier) IMG_4093 (Copier) IMG_4096 (Copier) IMG_4098 (Copier) IMG_4102 (Copier) IMG_4108 (Copier) IMG_4123 (Copier) IMG_4125 (Copier)


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