Jakarta Me – Java – Indonesia

Batavia is a cool city. Few foreigners take the time to stop in the capital city of Indonesia on their way to Bali, Borneo , Lombok, Sumatra..etc. Jakarta is known for its traffic jams, five * hotels ,world class restaurants, and huge nightclubs ; definitely not disappointing !


IMG_6036 IMG_6071 IMG_6077 IMG_6079 IMG_6095 IMG_6104 IMG_6121 IMG_6124 IMG_6133 IMG_6140 IMG_6154 IMG_6175 IMG_6179 IMG_6185 IMG_6279 IMG_6294 IMG_6296 IMG_6297 IMG_6301 IMG_6303 IMG_6353 IMG_6361 IMG_6376 IMG_6388 IMG_6392 IMG_6398 IMG_6447 IMG_6459 IMG_6466 IMG_6468 IMG_6473 IMG_6480

IMG_5980 IMG_5989 IMG_6018 IMG_6024 IMG_6030


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