Taste of Hong Kong II – Views

Cliché-ed views of the island from the peak and Kowloon side.


img_7415 img_7749 img_7836 img_7905 img_7938 img_8079 img_8103 img_8172 img_8228 img_8268 img_8321 img_8328 img_8336 img_8428 img_8491 img_8505 img_8560 img_8562 img_8569 (1) img_8569 img_8571 img_8603 img_8641 img_8645 img_8762 img_8791 img_8794 img_8826 img_8830 img_8999 img_9127 img_9133 img_9225 img_9279 img_9304 img_9309 img_9320 img_9340 mg_9230

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